Traveling to France is easy.
Traveling with firearms needs more anticipation.



To enter the country, any visitors need a valid passport.
A tourist VISA is also required unless you are a citizen from the European Union or the United States. Make sure you have contacted the French Embassy to know all the formalities.
We will be happy to be of assistance if you need documents from us.


We propose the rental of firearms of very good quality since traveling with yours may be bothersome.
We can also assist you with the procedure to import rifles.
For example, if you are an American citizen, you will need to declare your rifles and get a US 4457 Form.
Also, when booking your flights, be sure to declare your rifles and ammunitions to your airline company.


For all foreign hunters, we need to apply for a French temporary hunting license.
The procedure is really simple. When organizing your trip, we will ask for a few documents from you.