Hunting France
We have been in the hunting industry for more than 30 years, offering our services all around the globe, from Africa to South America, from Alaska to New-Zealand.
With years gone by, we encountered many foreign hunters, beginners to avid shooters and we realized that only a few had hunted in France and just a few connoisseurs knew that it was possible to do so !
It is now our pleasure to present you our website HUNTING FRANCE, devoted to all visitors, willing to come and visit France for leisure and complete their trip with one day or more of hunting.
Our motto is to offer you tailor-made hunts that will meet your requirements.
Our programs are divided into types of hunt but also by species desired so you can easily find what you are looking for.
We hope you enjoy your visit.
Welcome to our world, welcome to Hunting France,
Sharing our heritage with passion,
Hunting France team